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About Rajasthan

A land of romance and royality, valour and chivalry introduction.

It's a magical land that springs surprises at every turn, takes your breath away at every bend, Rajasthan is a land of contrasts. When you meets its teeming friendly people, so full of joy, colors and bonhomie you wonde, it this where bloody battles raged? The land of heroism and chivalry, where"jauhar" was committed for the sBirla Mandirake of pride, it is.

The topography amazes you as well. How can one state has it all? And scorching desert escape merging into lush deciduous and coniferous forests. Where rivers, streams and lakes abound. Keeping in step are a mind boggling species a fauna. All creatures of God that were meant to walk the earth-free. And, they do, in their natural habitant, in some of the finest national parks and sanctuaries.

In, Rajasthan cities sprang up around citadels. They still retain their medieval flavor with forts and palaces, with havelis for people to stay, with temples and mosques for people to pray.

Vibrant bazaars, selling fabrics and jewellery, art and crafts that are millennia old. Yet here tradition goes hand in handwith the contemporary. There's industry, commerce running hard bargain.

If you come to Rajasthan during the festive season, and we hope you do, you'll be mesmerized by its folk dances that have a rhythm of their own. Ballads sung and the strains of melancholy melodies rent the air. Temple bells chime to declare the faith of the belivers. Pilgrims throng to dedicate their belief to the one above.
City PalacePamper your taste buds. Sample the mouthwatering cuisine of the region. Every district has its own specialty ranging from desert dishes to royal delicacies.
On your visit to Rajasthan, stay where Maharajas lived. A wide range of accommodation is available all over the state to suit all budgets. If you are looking for economy, check into mid-range accommodation here, comfort is the key to your room.

Rajasthan is well connected by air, rail and road with all the major cities of the country.
Like, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Bangalore, Chennai (By Air and Rail)
Conducting sight seeing tours, tourist taxis, Rajasthan and India tour, Maanavi Home and Pinkcity Holidays will show you around.

One Small Request :-

Do come with time on your hands to soak in the charms of Rajasthan. A tourist paradise that stretches to the limits of your imagination.
Land And Topography

Land And Topography

The State has an area of 343,000 sq km. The capital city is Jaipur. The Aravali Range runs across the state from southwest Guru Peak (Mount Abu), which is 1,722 m in height to Khetri in the northeast. This divides the state into 60% in the north west of the lines and 40% in the southeast. The northwest tract is sandy and unproductive with little water but improves gradually from desert land in the far west and northwest to comparatively fertile and habitable land towards the east. The area includes the Great Indian (Thar) Desert. The south-eastern area, higher in elevation (100 to 350 m above sea level) and more fertile, has a very diversified topography.


The climate of Rajasthan can be divided into four seasons: Summers, Monsoon, Post-Monsoon and winter.

Temperature & Rainfall

January to March April to June July to September Oct. to December
50F - 80F
10 degree C - 27 degree C
4MM - 7MM
75F - 105F
24 degree C - 45 degree C
11MM - 30MM
70F - 95F
21 degree C - 35 degree C
100MM - 165MM
55F - 85F
13 degree C - 30 degree C
3MM - 8MM




A community dance for women performed on auspicious occasions. Gair Ghoomar, Raika, Jhoria and Gauri are particularly of Bhil tribe. Gair is performed on Holi but only by the men folk. Chari dance, with pots on the head and a lighted lamp, is popularly performed on marriage occasions or on the birth of a male child.
Kalbelia Dance

Kalbelia Dance

Is of the kalbelia tribe, the snake charmers. With numerous pots on the head, women excel the balancing act in the Matka-bhawai.
Terah taali

Terah taali

Is a ritual for Baba Ramdev, a dance with thirteen manjiras.
Other dances are Kachhi-Ghodi, Kathputli (the puppet dance), Fire dance, drum dance and various others pertaining to the particular tribes.


A popular dance form being imported from Uttar Pradesh have been revived by the rajputana courts, with a style and theme of its own.
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